• Today is going ok

    Today is going ok. I am writing on my shopping list for Monday for when the gate is open. I did get four twelve packs today, and it seemed to be quite busy. My talking has been interesting, and comes out too fast and is nervous. I guess it is heavy or wrong to say these things. Could you put me on the right passage? I seem to be willing to continue talking in my room with my neighbors next door, and haven’t learned against it. I suppose, I am well.

  • Things are well.

    Things are well, today. I am fine. I did get the groceries delivered on time. I got my photo taken on the front porch. I shared it with my dad in an email. I got a family sized dinner, and am not sure how to make it, I think I can microwave it in our microwave, and use the leftovers throughout the week. I think that can be done. I am needing a new haircut, and need a hairbrush, I suppose I can make a list of tangible things. I am well.

  • Things are going fine.

    Things are going fine. I got groceries today, including some icecream and waffle cones. I suppose it will do ok to have it again. I bought a lot of frozen things and it cost a lot, nearly $100. But, I should be ok for next week. We may look at a cell phone tomorrow, Consumer Cellular. I may get a midterm plan to use as back up to the main ISP It will be nice to have, and just an internet bill. I will try to close out these other two. I have one priced at $43 a month. Well, I am doing ok. I hope things are doing well.

  • Today is Good

    Today is good. I have just been sitting here doing my things on the computer. It seems as though my pills are all doing well and the Nortryptaline is in working shape. I am doing well. I’ll probably order from Doordash for tomorrow. I am hoping that it will go good.

    I may still try and use the bank as my id card gets approved or if my drivers id can still be renewed by a more southern tag agency it may be more appropriate, and I may behave better and get one from there on a second opinion. Or I will take a driving test if I need to, it shouldn’t be too difficult. I hope things are doing ok.

  • I need a new Phone Company

    I think today is doing ok. We ordered the groceries with the EBT card plus dads card was used to get the delivery fee to work. I then made a list of things I needed to make that was paper products that I needed, and some pens and some dixie cups and things. I’m happy about the extra Nortrpytaline. I think that will do real well. I am doing ok. Maybe a little skittish about my abnormal talking. Its loud, and could injure someone if they followed through. I hope that everything is doing ok. I still want the Consullar Cellular Cell phone and then maybe cancel Cricket and Terracom, they can get them to I hope this is ok. I’m not positive though. I could use a fresh start.

  • Today is going good

    Today is going good. I downloaded a copy of WSFTP and it looks like I may buy a new copy of it in about a week. Today is the 11th. I have the thumbnail on the keychain, and a little while ago couldn’t log in from the usb and it was still in there, so I wonder what was going on there. I also changed my background to solid blue, so that looks nice, I see what they do to get the girl with the long stem. Well, anyway I am ok, I hope everything is doing well.

  • Today is new

    Today is new. Today we took the computer in to be repaired, to get the drive letters to be recognized for a reformat. I think it will work. I am doing ok. I would like my cd rom dvdrw included as external and have also purchased a copy of Winandoffice.com for $19.99 and got a good deal I think I can use this software. I am sure that they can get this repaired. I hope that it will work get back soon. I am doing well. I hope that everything is going ok. I hope to have a white Christmas.

  • This has been good today.

    This has been good today. I have been trying to buy software but am not sure how much it is. I think it around $50 every three months, so I suppose I am out of tuneup. It is good software, so I may ask for it in some way. I am a little tired, just wondering about the Tegretol and asperegus and things. I made the chipped creamed beaf and it was good, and used the toaster again. It went well but was overdone, but was slightly overbrowned, I still used it. I hope things are going ok.

  • Today is going good.

    Today is going good. We got groceries. I ate both of my chicken strips today, including the gravy, and was hungry. I had the salisbury steak and mac and cheese for dinner. I am ok, still looking forward to getting things worked out with the cell phone, and would like to get Cricket worked out. My Dad suggested a smart phone. I think I would like to get a computer for Christmas, or perhaps one that is of an early gift. I suppose I am doing ok for now. I am fine.

  • Today is going on ok

    Today is going on ok. I did some things on the internet, I signed up with Avira Internet, paid a Pair bill (just a normal one). I am doing ok. I am just sitting here, I think I may apply for a credit card, and arrange to buy a new laptop for under $300 from Aspiration.com, but I need to call them to make a change to my account. That always makes me nervous. I would still like a new computer for Christmas. One more thing, I am looking for an AT&T unlimited account, or perhaps from Cricket with wifi with a new number, and am still looking. I’m still having thoughts of the airport, but am getting by ok day by day. I haven’t gotten out or anything. I am doing ok. I hope that everything is going well with everyone. I suppose that this is all for now. I am ok.